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Tradeandprojects Pty LTD is in International Trade and Development. Our area of business is Import, Export & Economic Empowerment & Capitation. Though the latter forms a non-core aspect of our main suite of services, our Business Model Canvas clearly articulates and demonstrates how it fits as a value-add to our value proposition.


Backed by a team of experienced, skilled and professional independent contractors

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Our track record includes years of providing services for import and export

International Trade

We connect suppliers and manufacturer, domestic or foreign

About Us

Our optimal location for global trade in particular

Tradeandprojects Pty LTD is based in Richards Bay within the uMhlathuze Local Municipality, KwaZulu-Natal province of South Africa.  Our location is optimal in the facilitation of imports and exports. Richards Bay is one important point of entry and exit of goods in the province of KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.  Our company is located close to the Richards Bay Industrial Development Zone, the Port of Richards Bay and the Richards Bay Airport, – which provides a strategic position for our core business activities stated below.

A further endowment enjoyed due to our locational position, is that we enjoy services of reputable financial banking facilities, good road and rail infrastructure networks which are conducive to freight operations, importing and exporting, sales and distribution of goods, as well as hinterland travel for both domestic international tourist customers.

The complement of our customer segments – rural and township

While we are open to all who seek our core services, for import and export the main customers/consumers in focus are suppliers and manufacturers [domestic or foreign]. – who are our prospective Principals. We also cater for most actors in the international trade supply and value chain.

In addition to the above, we have a particular obligation to provide entrepreneurial advisory and capacitation of rural and township trading and enterprising entities. Guided by our business model, our focus is directed to the capacitation interventions aimed at the creation and resuscitation of the local economy – thereby creating and expanding our client base. The following sectors constitute categories of our target market which will turn to become our export principals or distribution channels:

  • Retail: SMEs, Social Enterprises [co-operatives, stokvels and community organisations],
  • Creative: Handicrafts and Leather product projects,
  • Non-Governmental: NGOs, CBOs, NPOs, other trading community organisations,
  • Farming and Agriculture: Essential oils projects, aquaculture farming projects, community garden projects, some value-add-product-type projects, stock farmers and small-scale sugarcane farmers,
  • Transportation: Taxi associations, scholar transport operators and emerging freight association groupings,
  • Religious observance entities: Churches and other.

Company Director

Pejehafo John Kapueja is the Director of Tradeandprojects Pty LTD. He is a facilitator and a serial entrepreneur of all times. Working with him, is a team of skilled and professional independent contractors, which has carefully selected for local economic developmental projects. Their engagement is on a project-by-project basis.

John qualifies as educator [UZ 1971 – 1974]. a post-graduate diplomate in Transport Management with Maritime Studies and Public Transport as his elective subjects [UJ 1996], a graduate of the LED Consultancy programme commissioned by KZN Department of Economic Affairs [SA 2008] and lastly a Wade-trained International Trade diplomate [UK 2015]. Coupled herewith, John has attended both national international seminars and workshops; and possesses extensive experience working with the human capital in public, private, as well as the NGO or community sectors.

Products and Services

International Trade

Import-Export Agents [for commission]
  • Buyer-Seller introductions,
  • Manufacturer/Supplier representations,
  • Providing sourcing service for both foreign and domestic principals,
  • Advisory to emerging supplier entrepreneurs on how to promote their goods and produce rendering them market/export-ready.
Import-Export Traders [for own account]
  • Importing for resale using network marketing, various distribution channels and other,
  • Sourcing and Exporting to foreign markets for own account,
  • Off-line /Online trading and drop shipping,

Facilitator Consultant in Economic Empowerment Projects

Content, Process and Social Engagement Facilitators Consultants, design and development of work shopping materials
  • Conducting Train-the-Trainer/facilitator sessions – on e.g. Starting and developing a co-operative,
  • Facilitating meetings and workshops
  • Conducting social engagement sessions for community and LED projects [using PACA, OW, EMPETEC, PRA,PLA tools respectively],
  • Design and development of workshop / training session material for participants in the language of their understanding
Entrepreneurial Solutions Coaches for Social Enterprises and SMEs
  • Embracing, encouraging and promoting ideation of local enterprises using the Business Model Canvas,
  • Assist in the creation of SMEs and Social Enterprises form conceptualization to operationalization – after extensive prototyping,
  • Conduct pre-operation training for co-operatives – looking into budgeting, legislative requirements, employment and other,
  • Facilitating CIPC registrations and any permit requirements by authorities,
  • Facilitate the OD processes of above entities, restructuring, re-investment and recapitalization where necessary,
  • Provision of mentoring to and occasional advocacy for above entities,
  • Accessing finance and funding
Advisory on issues of governance, administration and compliance by entities
  • Constitutions and elections in particular
  • Applicable law[s]
  • Finances and conflict resolution
  • Entity policies, core values, and culture
  • The business and its social environment

Contact Information

+27-81 552 2992

Alternative Mobiles:
+27-73 289 9053 & +27-072 118 7161

+27-86 474 0010 & +27-86 474 2646

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Physical address:
Suite No. 2, DP Sekati Office Park, Ward 10 Nkonjane South, Kwadlangezwa, 3886. South Africa.
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 78, Kwadlangezwa. 3886. South Africa.