The Quantum Butterfly


Tarryn’s self healing fast track is real, authentic and full of love. Tarryn’s love for humanity emulates throughout each session. I have learn more with her than I ever thought I would. I have the tools to navigate this changing world and most importantly, I know how to use them! I truly feel confident in the coming days that I can handle any and every thing that comes my way! I love Tarryn and all that she embodies! I am a better person having gone through her class!!


Margaret Cupps


Self Healing Fast Track:
Very EMPOWERING-I feel so light & living in Love (all that exist) Not feeling obligated to do for Family & Friends BUT, to take care of self. (Not feeling stuck) Thanks Tarryn for very a powerful class. Reassuring in me that I’m important & connecting to beautiful souls all over the world.



The 7 day Self Healing workshop has been an amazing week of connecting with myself on a deeper level and connecting with beautiful women from all over the world. Tarryn’s ability to hold space made me feel safe to open up and share. She gives you all the tools and guidance to connect with your inner child and do the shadow work. I loved our daily free flowing group sessions. We shared, cried, laughed and meditated together. Just what I needed. I love you soulsisters ❤️!

Catharina Evers


Tarryn's guidance on this past week's workhop is invaluable, her ability to listen and guide is deeply touching. Many seeds of wisdom planted that i feel will blossom and enhance the feminine devine in me. Her caring attitude and humility is what this world needs more of. I never really resonated or made an effort to connect with females, but i felt a strong sense of sisterhood this week, deeply grateful to all the beautiful women who participated from around the world.

Theresa Clark Lee

(South Africa)

Life is hard as it is and even more so now so when you are able to find some peace and happiness somewhere it makes it more beautiful.
Tarryn has been an inspiration to me in realizing that making the best out of every situation and knowing that my worth is more than what others think and say. Her messages and light have gotten me through really tough times by showing that she cares and has love for others which is a unique and rare gift.
I want to thank her for being a light when it seemed the darkness would win and through her kindness and love, we can all see there is hope and believe in ourselves when others want to pull us down!
In the end if we allow Love to win, everything else will fall into place.


(South Africa)

Dear Tarryn,
A month or two back I noticed one of your postings on Facebook, which I read over and over, because it was so powerful and rang a little bell in my troubled head.

Just a little background of my situation at the time.: In 2017 i had a heart transplant, which went well, except for a few complications, high sugar, kidney failure and pneumonia including a hole in the lung. All due to the high volume of medication i had been given. All these procedures were rectified over a period of two and a half years.

AS one can imagine i was left in a pretty poor physical and low state of mind, thinking to myself that the transplant was not such a good idea at my age of 77yrs.and i had a dreadful opinion of myself having caused such a burden on my family. And then reading your post filled me with motivation to love oneself.
My whole thinking changed, and Tarryn you have spent time relentlessly nurturing, effortlessly teaching me the power of love, in the true sense of the word.

Tarryn, you have become my Angel, my Mentor and Friend.

This letter is not intended to flatter you, but to let you know how much you have helped me, to not only to regain my self worth but to change my whole way of thinking with true LOVE of the world.

I now look for the real reason for keeping me alive, as you said there is always a reason. I could never repay you for what you have done for me, only for one day you may be proud to know that your help was not in vain.

I hope you will be blessed with this wonderful gift of yours, to lift people beyond their expectations.
I thank you sincerely with love.

Giovanni Rondi

(South Africa)

‘I recently had a quantum numerology reading with Gregory. It provided amazing clarity on why things are the way they are in my life, what blocks/obstacles I have to work to overcome due to the programming, what my strengths are, what my weaknesses are? What my soul purpose and life path numbers are and how that relates to me and what I need to focus on to come into unity with that.

He provided amazing insight into an illness I was dealing with, what he said literally snapped something into alignment.

Everything is energy and the stories we attach to carry that energy but everything is just a vibration and we can vibrate out of that which is no longer serving us. We are the creators of our own reality, but we must truly believe and be in our hearts to manifest that which we desire, staying in FAITH and LOVE.

The best I can describe the reading was like a confirmation of who you are as a soul, there is no denying the energy and the information brought fourth through the numbers and how they are vibrational connected to you as a soul. It helps you dive a little deeper into yourself, like having a conversation with your higher self, or source itself, affirming that which you already know and providing clarity on that which you may still be working to uncover to be healed.

It was a wonderful session with a compassionate soul. He is definitely doing what he loves and coming from a very heart centered non judgemental space which is so important. I hope that you will enjoy this service as much as I did!

Thank you Greg and the love has won team

Carrie Goulet'

(South Africa)