The Quantum Butterfly

About Us

Tarryn Inggs

If you’re not sure who is behind The Quantum Butterfly, I thought I would introduce myself. My name is Tarryn ….

I’ve recently turned 40, a mom, free spirit with a passion for people and co-creating a sustainable planet.

I love my daughter, my soul family, my tribe, my friends, meeting new people, making people smile, tattoos, coffee, water, crystals, the ocean, the bush, butterflies, nature, all animals, crisp mornings, sunsets, the night sky, the moon, plant medicine, connection, deep conversations, living from the heart and intuition, authenticity, integrity, realness, honesty, respect, vulnerability, speaking your truth, bravery, determination, resilience, silence, music, dancing, being active, laughing, reading, traveling , adventure, dreaming big, being spontaneous, learning, growing, living a balanced life, ALL OF IT! Making a significant difference to the planet and adding value to people’s lives brings joy to my humanitarian heart! The only way to truly heal the planet and it’s people is through love.

My hearts desire is to see people truly happy and become the best version of themselves. We are going to be launching some amazing retreat and bush adventures shortly, as there is no better place to explore your soul… so follow here to be kept up to date… love you all!

Gregory Trollip

The Truth has always been my compass and everything is energy my mantra!!

I have dived deep into the illusionary matrix through numbers and discovered many things I’ve not ever seen mainstream media or other awakened platforms… your birth date and name reveal many patters that define your reality yet are not actually who you are… readings are sessions with your higher self.

As we break down all the limited self-imposed conditions that live under the surface directing you on a path of fear in search of external success and validation.

Every word is a program run on number algorithms and numbers are defined by the definition of the actual word…..everything you have been taught since the day you were born is a lie and numbers open the gateway to Universal truth and communication transcending the limited linear thinking of the ego mind and inviting higher frequencies of joy through awareness and application…

AwAreness transforms All into consciousness…YIPPEEE!