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About elevate

You’ve heard the call to “work smarter, not harder”. At elevate we believe we can go one step further, which is why we’re dedicated to smarter wellbeing for women leaders.

elevate’s programmes enhance wellbeing for successful women who are already familiar with the tasks and metrics for good health and wellness. We personalise this knowledge for you so you can go to the next level: integrated wellness.

We rethink and redefine wellbeing to amplify the impact women leaders have in their own lives, and in their service to others.

Wellbeing is the basis of all achievement. Current global circumstances have thrown this into sharp relief, but leaders know that their wellbeing must be prioritised whatever the external situation.

Our approach to wellbeing uses the strength model rather than deficit: recognising that you already have core skills and you currently do things that contribute to your wellbeing. We show you how to amplify these (without adding to your workload) and adopt new mindsets and heartsets to more easily and enjoyably attain your wellbeing goals

Wellbeing encompasses values as drivers of goals and behaviour

Women who love elevate’s approach to wellbeing tend to also love:

  • Growing in a community of like-minded women
  • Excelling at health as much as they excel at business
  • Making a clear decision that piecemeal approaches to wellbeing are old hat and you’re ready for an integrated approach that you know works
  • Knowing that there is a clear link between wellbeing and leadership
  • Forging new ways of leading
  • Building wellbeing in all facets of your life
  • Being coachable
  • Setting and achieving quantifiable and tangible wellbeing goals
  • Being kind, caring and interested in others
  • Understanding that there’s no glass ceiling when it comes to health
  • Applying a strength (rather than a deficit) model in all areas of life
  • Their commitment to anti-racism
  • Being caring, trying new things and helping others do the same
  • Being a mentor, coach and inspiration

Does this sound like you?

If it does we’d love to work with you.

Meet the Team

Dr Cathy-Mae Karelse


My expertise in transformation (personal, organisational and social) builds on my intuition and perception to hone in on any challenges you are meeting, even when these are carefully protected and guarded and hiding in plain sight. Through decades of mentoring, supervising, training and coaching I support you in converting these revelations into strategies and solutions that allow you to live a fuller, richer and more meaningful life.

Jo Gillibrand


My expertise lies in tailoring wellbeing solutions to you as an individual. By drawing on my background in change management and HR in various sectors, as well as coaching in mental/physical health, I help you make the changes that are needed right now as well as achieving your longer term visions and goals.